Ginie Sayles' Teachings Have Changed Lives

What is your burning desire? Ginie Sayles has made dreams come true for thousands who've followed her unique, multifaceted advice.

If your burning desire is to:

Find and marry the love of your life (two programs, one with with specific guidance for women and men on marriage to the rich)

Be the prolific author of books people can't put down - and write your books in only three weeks or less

Be comfortable among the "elite" and celebrities. Know the ropes and make lasting friendships. Be an insider in the unique worlds you previously only dreamed about

Have a career beyond your dreams, for example:
   Work with wealthy clients...
   Get your talent the attention of elite enthusiasts...
   Secure funding for your projects...
  Get the guidance and friendship of world class mentors

Ginie has been there, and will show you her shortcuts to success, and how to avoid many of the bruises along the way.

Ginie knows what it is like when all you have is a ragged dream in your heart – and you have no idea how to make your dream a reality.

Ginie Sayles is hailed as the world's original and foremost authority on the rich.

Ginie Sayles' seminar recordings have been bundled into Exclusive Collections. They are now offered here for a limited time.

These unique teachings are created for people who want their own lives to exceed their fondest hopes!

Ginie Sayles went from modest beginnings in West Texas to become a beloved international celebrity who has appeared on "Oprah," CNN, PBS, "48 Hours," "The View," and much more.

Ginie has been profiled in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, the London Times, the National Enquirer, and in Fortune magazine's Billionaire issue.

Ginie Sayles has made countless television appearances, including "Extra!," Joan Rivers, "Hard Copy,: and the PBS special "Social Class In America" produced by Peabody Award Winners.

Ginie has been interviewed as a relationship expert on Court TV by anchor Lisa Bloom, attorney to the powerful, who has followed in the footsteps of her famous mother, Gloria Allred.

For many years, Ginie also conducted seminars in 25 major cities in the U.S., Canada, and London. Now the recordings of these seminars are available in exclusive, affordable collections so that you too can see your dreams come true.

Ginie is considered by many to be a true legend; a one-of-a-kind presence. She sparkles with her down-to-earth, savvy insights delivered with endless encouragement. You won't find her advice anywhere else!

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