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Many women spend years waiting for a man to commit.

Many women stay "engaged" for years - but never tie the knot!

You must find out early if a man is going to marry you.

You can figure out very quickly if your relationship is headed for the ultimate commitment!

Life is short. Don't waste time!

Find out how you can encourage him to say, "Yes, let's do it!" without waiting for years!

How do you make this happen?

"Timing is everything," says Ginie Sayles, pictured above with her husband Reed.

  Understand quickly if your relationship is headed for marriage.

  Know the Three Stages of a relationship - and why you should not let Stage Two pass without getting married!

  Find out the most telling clue of all that lets you know if he'll marry you.

  Know exactly how long your engagement should be.

  What to do if he keeps postponing the wedding - or if he refuses to set a date.

  What you need to know about your actual wedding ceremony that can strengthen the bond between you.

  Exactly what to say to him that will get him to say YES to getting married quickly.

Find out exactly how to encourage him to say, "Yes, let's do this!"

Get the crucial answers that will lead to your happy marriage - soon!

This advice can and will mean that you get married faster and no longer waste time waiting for him to commit.

You will know exactly how to seal the deal so that you can both move forward.

Get to "I Do" without the hassle, stress, and toxic second-guessing that causes relationships to go stale.

About Ginie Sayles

Author Ginie Sayles is the expert's expert on "the seduction mystique." She is an internationally best-selling author and speaker on relationships, writing, and business, and is best known for her book and seminar about "How To Marry The Rich."

Making love happen for you, even with people who are "out of your league," is what Ginie Sayles does like no one else can.

Get the no-nonsense wisdom and advice of Ginie Sayles, the trusted advisor to the rich and celebrities.

"There are precious few people in the world who are truly brilliant when it comes to relationship advice - and Ginie Sayles is at the very top of the list."
- Mimi Tanner

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"Without Ginie Sayles, I Would Probably Still Be Single."

"Flirting did not come to me naturally. Because of Ginie Sayles, I have been happily married for fourteen years to an airline pilot and great guy. Without her advice, I would probably still be single. Take her advice! It works!"

- G.W.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet."

"I saw Ginie Sayles on 'Oprah'.... She offers a lot of helpful advice on dating & maintaining relationships.

"Use this as a resource to find 'Mr. Right' and be ethical about it. Don't let people tell you it's game playing because it's not. No one can play a game forever and most people will be on their best behavior while dating.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet & wants to find someone to fit into their desired lifestyle."

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