Exclusive Collections by Ginie Sayles

Socialize and Do Business With the Rich Collection

How to do business with the affluent

How to get powerful and wealthy people to buy your products, become your clients - and leave your competition far behind, wondering how you did it!

Get wealthy clients, partners, and financial backers for your growing business.

You can fit into the world of the wealthy and feel completely at ease.

You can learn the little secrets of class and handle any situation with charm and grace.

You can socialize with any level of society with the same ease and comfort you feel in your very own home.

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How To Marry The Rich Expanded Collection

How to find and meet your rich mate (for men and women)

How to get your rich person to want to date you

Discover how to get your rich person "hooked" on you

How to eliminate your competition and get your rich person to date only you

The psychology of keeping your rich mate interested for life

Courtship and engagement of the rich and famous

Pre and Post-Nuptial agreements

Rich and Thin® - how do they do it?

Rich Sex® - the sexual dynamics of money

This exclusive collection is so much deeper, and so much more informative, than you may imagine.

Ginie Sayles' teaching on understanding, loving, and marrying the rich is like none other because of her amazing insight and intuition. Her cut-to-the-chase advice will keep you from spending months or years on the wrong relationship - so you can move on to the right one.

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The Foolproof Guide To Meeting Men Collection

How to meet ANY man... ANYWHERE... and easily fall into conversation with him.

How to subtly change your clothes and body language to attract men like a magnet.

How to carry yourself so that you appear confident even if you're not feeling confident - yet!

The one thing you should never, ever say to a man - and it's not what you think! Women never realize the effect this statement has on a man.

Discover the body language of flirting. You can READ the body language of the opposite sex to know how available that person is for a relationship - and if they are receptive to YOU.

Know the Three Stages of a relationship - and why you should not let Stage Two pass without getting married!

Find out the most telling clue of all that lets you know if he'll marry you.

Exactly what to say to him that will get him to say YES to getting married quickly.

Ginie Sayles, best-selling author of "How To Marry The Rich," reveals the secrets to charming men - even if you're shy.

Ginie is the expert's expert on making love happen... for people who are READY to make the DECISION to love!

You will see the change in how men respond to you immediately WHEN you sincerely apply these teachings.

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About Ginie's Unique Collections

"Packed with great useful information. I have used it and it WORKS. The Fourteen Layers of Class are great!

The best part is how to get into society (i.e. all those exclusive clubs such as the supporting arts and culture, etc...

"I tried this and it worked- I am now in!)

"I have met many wealthy people this way, following these principles. I get invited to great parties and have great female friends who are invaluable to meeting more wealthy men and women!

"This will change your life if you put it into practice!!"

from one of many fans of the work of Ginie Sayles

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