A Tribute to Joan Rivers

Clips from the Joan Rivers Show were shared here when news came of Joan's hospitalization.

Since Joan has passed away, Ginie Sayles expresses final thoughts that made Joan Rivers so very special.

"Joan Rivers was different from other terrific talk show hosts in a subtle way: Joan behaved toward her audience members as if they were people she would go shopping with, have over for dinner, or enjoy sharing confidences over coffee or tea.

"There was no awareness of her celebrity status, no invisible line of demarcation between her and her audience.

"Joan always behaved as if they were social equals," says Ginie.

"Just yesterday I heard a confirmation of that. In a news replay of Joan Rivers talking about her life, Joan said, 'I have always treated my audience as if they were friends.'

"Meeting Joan and seeing her up close, I can say that she certainly did. I loved her. But then, so did you, so did everyone.

"We were all JOAN RIVERS' FRIENDS," says Ginie.

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